Overwatch teases new weapon skins feature

With every event that involves Blizzard’s team-based shooter Overwatch, arguably the simplest half area unit the new character skins that get further — the strictly cosmetic costume changes that allow players change-of-pace the design of their favorite heroes. currently there’s proof that players may shortly be ready to amendment the design of a character’s weapon on an individual basis from their skin, as hinted in an exceedingly new video from Blizzard regarding the creation of Overwatch‘s newest hero Doomfist.

The means the sport presently works, the design of a character’s weapon matches this skin in use. however some farseeing fans on the Overwatch subreddit noticed  the recent Doomfist video includes shots of heroes holding weapons that have a awfully completely different look from their skin. Reddit users good_samartian and Nyxxic noticed  this was the case on Soldier: seventy six and Sombra.
In the screenshots on top of, Soldier: 76’s pulse rifle has what seems to be a heat coil at the top of the barrel, one thing that’s not enclosed on any of the character’s existing skins. Similarly, Sombra, clearly with the classic skin equipped, is holding a inexperienced machine gun. usually her gun is purple with the classic skin, and even then the design of the inexperienced gun differs from the one on her green-tinted skin.
Many fans area unit taking this as a tease that a replacement weapons skin choice are going to be coming back to Overwatch, but Blizzard has created no mention of such a feature before. It’s actually inside the realm of chance, as weapon skins would create an excellent new reward to receive from the game’s Loot Boxes. There’s conjointly an opportunity these new weapon appearance may well be a part of this year’s Summer Games event, that is predicted to start at the beginning of August.

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