Pokémon Go Fest problems refunds once technical school issues ruin event

After Associate in Nursing up and down 1st year of existence, the Pokémon Go Fest was imagined to be a triumphant event wherever players may work along in news ways that and earn distinctive awards. The event sadly suffered as cell networks and also the game's servers could not continue with the strain, preventing several attendees WHO had traveled from round the world from taking part. Niantic Labs chief operating officer John Hanke was truly booed once he appeared at the event, and later within the day the corporate proclaimed it'd refund attendees for his or her price tag prices, add $100 in PokéCoins to their accounts and provides them the Legendary Pokémon Lugia.

The issues, and Niantic's inability to traumatize them before they derailed the event, recalled several of the issues Pokémon Go has treated since its launch. unbelievably widespread right out of the gate, the sport suffered with important instability for months, and still often has issues preventing players for work in currently. it is the 1st increased reality game with participation and attractiveness on a vast scale, however golf stroke its most hardcore players through on a daily basis like yesterday is simply another strike against it, when the cash continues to appear.

For those that square measure still attempting to catch all of them, however, there square measure some new updates. If you are within the Chicago space, special spaces from the Fest are expanded  across a 2 mile area around Grant Park through weekday morning. For players all over, there square measure variety of bonuses which will be obtainable through weekday evening at 8PM ET:

•Double romance

•Double Candy

•Double XP

•Increased Pokémon encounters

•Reduced hatching distance

•Reduced sidekick distance

Also, starting these days, Legendary raids are unbarred, that includes Lugia still as Articuno monsters. they're going to be joined "soon".

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